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About YouBotics

Manual Technical Interviews are extremely effort intensive for enterprises and takes a huge toll on their HR and Technical teams. This process of manual interviews often adversely impacts the quality of candidates and onboarding time that lead to multi million dollars of business losses.

YouBotics clearly understands the huge potential in automating this critical business function and leverage Deep tech with NLP to take the technical interviews to whole new level. YouBotics AI Bot is first in the world that can conduct technical video interviews in realtime and also auto evaluate the candidate responses without any involvement from the technical experts. It’s state of the art algorithms record and evaluate candidate response and tailors the next question based on previous answers. This adaptive interview style gives it a real life feel and takes away the performance stress on candidates usually involved during manual interviews. It thus enables the candidates to showcase their best skills which ultimately helps the organisation to acquire the best talent.

The Bot automatically evaluate candidate response and create a score card which the HR can review immediately after the interview. Video of the complete interview is also provided to the HR to make the assessment process transparent and fair. Companies can leverage this phenomenal technology expertise of YouBotics Bot to evaluate the bench strength, project fitment of a candidate and measuring training effectiveness of their training programs.

YouBotics BOT is fast disrupting the technical evaluation market by evaluating candidates on expertise rather than experience. It facilitates companies to post jobs on LinkedIn along with interview assessment link which can lead to continuous hiring. Using this feature companies can tap into the huge pool of candidates that are looking for jobs passively without really asking for their resumes. This continuous but resume less hiring helps companies to save on resume sourcing costs by discovering, engaging and hiring great talent.

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