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Human Like Interactions

Give your candidates an engaging experience with our state of the art video interviews. The human like interaction create a warm and welcoming environment for the candidates. The audio and video interface keep the candidates interested and enable them to display their best technical abilities so that you do not miss on the good talent.

Expertise Across 100+ Technology Skills

Conduct your technical interviews at scale without involving your technical teams. We have trained our BOT on 100+ technology skills including Data Science, Blockchain, SalesForce, Machine Learning, Python, MongoDB, Angular.js, Node.js, React.js, .NET, Java and many more. If you have any specific technology needs, we can add them for you in no time.

Automatic Scheduling of Interviews and Reminders

Add the list of candidates you want to invite for interviews and let the BOT automatically schedule them for you. Reminders and follow ups are taken care of while you are busy with other important tasks. You can keep track of your candidates using a live dashboard and reschedule interviews if someone could not complete it within a given timeframe.

Question Generation And Answer Evaluation

Eliminate the need to create and update question banks with model answers. All of it is now automatically created by the BOT across multiple technology skills. Candidate evaluations are free from any human intervention, fatigue and prejudice making them transparent and effective. Evaluations are based on consistent and accurate benchmarking system.

Intuitive Scorecards and Video Playback for Reviews

Intuitive scorecards and leader boards identify the best candidates for you on technical proficiency. Let your technical teams review videos and scorecards of individual candidates before they plan any subsequent rounds. Spend your resources wisely by shortlisting only the best candidates to move to next levels.

Conduct Objective and Coding Tests

In addition to technical video interviews you can also conduct coding and objective tests for holistic 360 degrees assessments. Interviews and tests can be launched on chrome browser across multiple devices. Best in class coding environments help to assess developer skills on niche technologies. You can also provide questions to make the assessments more specific to your needs.

Live Interview Assessments with Social Media

Change the way you hire by leveraging your social media presence. Add live Interview assessment links to your recruitment campaigns and proactively reach out to the huge pool of technical professionals. Save the efforts of resume sourcing and relevance matching to access the right talent.

Awe Inspiring Candidate Experience

Transform your candidate engagement experience by giving a stress free environment to demonstrate their best technical abilities. Surprise and delight your candidates by allowing them to select a place and time of their choice for interviews. Showcase your brand potential with state of the art AI powered assessments.

Automate your technical interviews with YouBotics AI BOT

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